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Medical Gloves

Medical Gloves are medical safety accessories that ensure sanitary hospital conditions by limiting patients' exposure to infectious matter. They also serve to protect health professionals from disease through contact with bodily fluids.

Medical gloves are traditionally made of latex and powdered with cornstarch to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to don. Cornstarch replaced Lycopodium powder and/or talc but since cornstarch can also impede healing if it gets into tissues (as during surgery), non-powdered gloves are being used more often during surgery and other sensitive procedures. Special manufacturing processes are used to compensate for the lack of powder.

A variety of medical gloves are now offered to hospitals. Because medical gloves are an important protective barrier for workers and patients alike, it is essential that one make an educated choice to ensure that the glove provides the necessary protection. Here are some points worth thinking about when you consider medical gloves:

The starting point for selection of medical gloves

The most important point for selecting medical gloves is to define: Who is being protected? What is being protected against?

Medical gloves are typically used to protect health care workers from a range of hazards encountered in the workplace, including:

  •   Biological exposures (bacterial and viral)
  •   Chemotherapy drugs
  •   Sterilants
  •   Chemicals

During the glove selection process, one must recognize what protection the gloves need to provide and make sure that any gloves selected provide that type of protection.